Injuries in a Shop

View of Shop Front

If you have been injured during a visit to a public building or shop, you may be eligible for compensation. If it can be proven that the occupier or owner of the premises was at fault, then KJ Conroy & Co can help you to make a claim for compensation for personal injuries suffered after a trip, slip or fall.

We have helped a wide variety of clients to successfully secure compensation payments following an accident in a retail environment, and the expertise and experience of our team means that you can rest assured that your case is in safe hands.

Common causes of shop accidents include slipping on a wet floor or tripping over stock. Similarly, if the occupier of the premises has failed to display clear warning signs of potential hazards, you may find yourself suffering an unexpected trip or fall. Whatever the cause of the accident, we can help.

We will present your case to the insurers or owners of the premises, arrange a medical consultation to assess your injuries, and arrange physiotherapy where required to aid your recovery. We can also help you to claim compensation for items that became damaged during the accident, or for any financial losses suffered –including loss of earnings.

KJ Conroy & Co can represent you on a 'No Win No Fee' basis. Our membership of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers means that you can feel confident that you are being taken care of by a law firm who have been recognised for their expertise in this area, so when you suffer an injury whilst shopping, make sure you call us first on 0121 212 1575.