Age Discrimination in the Work Place

Posted on by Grant Smith

It is vitally important that, in the work place, all staff are treated as equals regardless of a huge number of factors. Being singled out as an individual can be unequivocally detrimental to your well-being, it perpetuates an unfair working environment and most of all, it is unlawful. Discrimination is an extremely serious matter any time, any place, though perhaps most prominently in the work place, as here it can have far-reaching and further damaging ramifications. Whilst racial, sex, disability and religious discrimination are all topics that must be addressed, today we’re talking about age discrimination; the various forms it comes in and what can be done about it.

What is Age Discrimination?

Essentially, age discrimination can be characterized and described as unfair treatment or judgement based on your age, as opposed to your physical capabilities and how well you may be able to do the job. This can involve being regarded as ‘too young’ or ‘too old’, or simply not the right specific age. Similarly, it can take place at any time during your interaction with any one company, including during recruitment, when employee terms are being determined, training, development or dismissal.

Direct Age Discrimination

There are two main types of discrimination that are each dealt with in their own way. The first is direct, and as such, it’s generally very easy to spot as it has a direct, immediate and palpable effect on the employee it has been exacted upon. Anything that’s regarded as less favourable treatment due to age, say, not considering an employee for a promotion because they’re ‘too old’, or not hiring a younger applicant despite their clear competency and ability to do the job required would both be direct discriminatory actions.

Indirect Age Discrimination

Indirect then is a little more complicated and very difficult to define in certain situations. Due to its intricacy, it’s often easy for these actions to be disguised as purely neutral and unassuming decisions. However when age is taken into account, even as a tertiary consideration, and an decision is made utilizing that information, this could be categorized as indirect age discrimination. Because of the ambiguity here, it’s always best to discuss your situation with the experts!

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