Dealing with Divorce: The Legalities You Need to Know

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Coping with a divorce can be particularly difficult and, like so many of these circumstances, it often leaves us not wanting to pay any attention to complicated legalities or proceedings, at least not whilst we’re emotionally fragile. Here at KJ Conroy, we understand the struggle that sometimes comes hand in hand with a divorce and as such, our lawyers are on hand to guide you gently through the process, ensuring everything is covered with minimal stress. Of course, there are some things you need to know, and as such, we’ve covered them right here in this post!

First of all then, when can divorce proceedings begin? One of the first things you’ll be asked is to prove that you’ve been married for more than a year, and that you are a inhabitant of the country wherein you are filing for divorce. The grounds are similarly straight forward; essentially the only grounds for divorce are that the relationship has broken down to an irretrievable state. There are several points that might point to why the marriage has ceased to function, and these can be found below:

  • An act of adultery has been committed
  • The behaviour of one party has caused the continuation of the relationship to be unsupportable.
  • There is an agreement in regards to a divorce and the involved parties have been separated for two years
  • One party abandoned the other over two years ago
  • Parties have been separated for more than five years

These reasons need to be outlined in the initial divorce application, and further details may be required depending on the answer selected. For example, if there is a behavioural issue, you will need to supply examples that demonstrate the reasoning behind your choosing.

Here at KJ Conroy, we’re expert family lawyers able to deliver you not only the settlements required to ensure you can get on with your lives, but also peace of mind and a straight forward, focused service that understands your needs and the emotions that are so often involved with each individual situation. Give us a call today for more information on how we can help!

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