Driving Safely in the Winter Months: Protect Yourself

Posted on by Grant Smith

It’s getting every colder out there, and with the snow and the ice expected to stay put for the time being, knowing what to do when you absolutely have to get out on the roads is imperative to staying safe, and out of trouble, keeping you away from accidents and protected if you are involved in one.

That in mind then, here’re our expert tips to staying safe whilst you’re out and about in your vehicle amongst the icy obstacles of winter!

1)      Plan your journey – Main roads will always be the safer option, so take the time to find an alternative route to your destination if possible. Avoid the B roads and keep to areas where it is likely there’s been more traffic!

2)      Drive steadily – It may seem simple but if you’re used to bad driving habits, you must be extra vigilant when the roads are icy. Accelerate slowly, brake progressively and select a low gear early when you need to come to a complete stop. Make sure you’re keeping good distance so you can stop if the person in front does too!

3)      Check vehicle amenities – Before setting off, check your screenwash, fuel, tyre pressure and oil. This is the last time you want any of these running out, and it can lead to serious hold ups, or worse accidents when they do!

4)      Carry the right tools – A windscreen scraper should always be kept in your car anyway. If there’s a chance the ice could get really thick, or if you want to get going first thing on a morning, de-icer is always beneficial to have handy as well. If the snow is bad, consider a spade and a plank of wood tucked away in the boot.

5)      Don’t be fooled – Even when the roads might feel initially sturdy, black or patchy ice can lead you into a false sense of security. In lower temperatures, always remain diligent  when out on the roads.

Follow these few pointers and you’ll ensure that you’re safe and protected on the roads this winter. Of course, we can’t predict the driving habits of others and, in the unlikely and unfortunate circumstances you are injured in road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault this winter, KJ Conroy’s personal injury solicitors can help you!

Don’t be punished by being forced to take time off work, make sure you get the money you need to carry on with your life whilst you get better! Our friendly team are just a phone call away, and KJ Conroy hope you all stay safe this winter!

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